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About Us

The barter system has existed since ancient times where goods and services were exchanged between two individuals for e.g., one would exchange two bars of soap for 1 kg of sugar. There were limitations though, that concerned matching needs and wants between two parties and also matching that of the value for goods or services exchanged.

Today, however, due to the internet we can practice barter globally and also satisfy the needs and wants through mutual barter. Two parties can exchange goods, products and services efficiently taking their business from local to global through our platform. This can be through anyone a customer or company. This is done through valuation of the product or service by money exchange, which increases the potential of growth and for individuals, companies and young entrepreneurs.

How it works?

Register either as an individual or as a business. Once done, you can browse through all the products and services, including global ones, directly from the source, which offer to sell in retail or in bulk.

Search for goods, products or services you are interested in and contact the individual/business directly by messaging and crack a deal for either purchase or barter.

The shipping and logistics of processing of payments for any purchases or barter deal would be done between both the parties through their mutual communication.


Why barter trading?

In the world of business, it is said that 80% of all businesses die in the first two years and only 20% succeed. What if the 80% of businesses have a source of selling or practicing barter to save it and diversify for another source, or to recover the cost of the goods or services and start over. Barter trading may help you with that source to get a better deal for your product or services.

In these trying times everyone involved can benefit from it if both are in a win-win situation. Hence, barter is successful even today.


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